5 Underrated Beauty Gurus You Will Love

August 21, 2018

 *Header picture includes photos from each content creator's Instagram, which will be linked below


I spend a good chunk of my life perusing the internet, well, YouTube, if I'm being honest. I've come across a lot of beauty videos, and I have to say there's some talent out there. You have your "superstars" who put in a lot of work to advertise and have millions upon millions of subscribers, but that's not who I'm talking about. I have 6 YouTube Beauty Gurus who I absolutely adore and think are entirely underrated. They're talented, they have great content, and they're genuine.



Tati Westbrook


When I first discovered Tati, I was quickly drawn in. What I like most about her is that she does her research, her content is unique, and she isn't annoying to listen to. Tati posts videos five days a week, and every day is a different segment. My favorite segment on her channel is "WTF Wednesday", where she reviews over-priced luxury beauty items that you can't necessarily find at Sephora, which I love. She's different and fun, and she knows how to entertain her audience.




Tina Yong


Tina Yong is an Asian girl from Australia, she has very original content and her videos are easy to follow. I enjoy that she lets the content speak for itself and doesn't try to add fluff and bullshit to gain subscribers. One of my favorite things about her channel is that she get right to the video, she doesn't sit and talk to the camera for five minutes before getting into the video. Like Tati, Tina also presents unique products that she reviews, and keeps her content fresh.





Lupe Sujey Cuevas


Lupe is an extremely talented and beautiful makeup artist. She appears to be going through a personal struggle as her videos tend to be emotional, but her talent is overwhelming. She has this sweet little lisp, which I think adds authenticity to her videos. It's easy to forget that these YouTubers are real people, but she is very down to earth.








Coco Lili


Don't let her looks fool you, this french goddess is so down to earth. As much as I lover her beauty videos, I really tune in for her fitness, health, and Q&A videos. She's so beautiful, soft spoken, and has a killer body. She appears very humble and helpful in her videos, like she's un-phased by her looks.  










Freddy My Love


Freddy is the ultimate girl's girl. If you met her in real life you would try to hate her but couldn't because she's just too sweet. Her voice is darling, her style is perfection, and she has flowing blonde locks to die for. If you're a girly girl, I can guarantee this will be your go-to YouTube channel. Her channel contains a lot of variety and her personality is addicting.









In the frow


Victoria is so sweet, and her accent is to die for. She so talented and her channel is so light and just mood lifting. She posts mainly fashion and beauty videos that are beyond binge-worthy. If you're ever stuck in your wardrobe or want to add a little something, something to your makeup routine, In The Frow is the perfect inspiration.





So there you have it, about 6 months worth of beauty binging. Thanks for joining me, and before you go, leave some of your favorite beauty gurus or inspirations in the comments below.

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