Things to Do in Steamboat Springs This Summer

August 7, 2016


I had my last work-related training session in Steamboat Springs, so I asked my husband if he wanted to come with me. He jumped at the opportunity and we started off our trip taking a 9:00 p.m. flight out to Denver, Colorado. If we were smarter we wouldn’t have taken Frontier, but as you have it, we are not. So we take off and the flight seems fine, we have a little bit of turbulence here and there but nothing to freak out over until it was landing time. The plane was completely dark and fishtailing in the sky and the exit sign lights up... That’s it. We’re dead. We’re going to crash. We had a good run.  


Finally we land in Denver and go to our designated baggage claim and sit there for an hour an a half until our bags arrive. Apparently, flights all over the country had been delayed or cancelled due to severe storms on the west coast.


By the time we get our rental car and start driving the three and half hours to Steamboat, it must have been 12:30 in the morning. I tried to sleep in the car since training was in T-Minus 8 hours, but between the crazy winding roads and construction, I was flying out of my seat every 10 minutes. This continued for 2 more hours until we were finally on a smooth road. Thinking that was the last of the craziness, deer were just darting out in front of the car left and right.


Finally, at 3:30 a.m. we get to the hotel to be greeted at the front desk by no one. We were standing there looking around and about 10 minutes roll by before we finally see someone. Once we’re checked in we go up to our room, unpack, shower, and finally get into bed. At this point it’s about 4:30 in the morning.

Beep. Beep. Beep. 7:00 a.m. my alarm goes off. Time to get up and train the beautiful people of Steamboat Springs. I get to the training site and no one knows that a training is even supposed to be taking place, naturally. I get the room set up and the projector working, 9 people show up, half of them 15 minutes late.

best breakfast 


Winona’s | We got some really good recommendations of things to do around town from some of the locals, easily some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and go back to the hotel to research.I finished training in about 45 minutes and am ready to wander this adorable little town with B. We stumble across a little breakfast place called . BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER. The French toast melts in your mouth. The cinnamon buns are bigger than your head! Everything tasted even better than it looked. We ended up eating there pretty much every day, and nothing could compare. The staff was so accommodating, even when the restaurant was packed. 

Things to Do 


Mountain Biking | We decided to go mountain biking. Neither of us had done it before so we figured it would be a good experience. It turns out, I’m terrible at balancing on the trail and not falling over. Somewhere between falling over in a bed of wild flowers and trying to stay balanced on my bike, I lost the rental car keys. We must have gone up and down that trail 5 or 6 different times looking for the keys before we gave up and called a tow truck. He got to us about an hour later and told us the next closest town with a Budget Rental is 2 hours down the mountain. So my husband and I hopped in and took a little scenic drive. We exchanged our rental car for another, and we haul ass up the mountain back to the hotel; just in time for a nice relaxing sit in the hot tub.

Because mountain biking part 1 was such a failure we figured we’d try again; after going out and buying all the appropriate gear so we can avoid losing our keys again, of course. Day 2 was much better, until we got stuck in a hail storm. Freezing and dripping into the lobby of the hotel, we make a B-Line for the hot tub again.    

Hiking - Fish Creek Falls | I think by day 3 we were done trying our luck with mountain biking and heard wonderful things about an area called Fish Creek Falls. So we tried our hand in hiking. Again, we were not so prepared. Not knowing it was a five mile high mountain hike, we forgot to bring water with us. We were melting on our way up the mountain and I was ready to turn around, but that wasn’t going to happen. We finally reached an area where B was ready to turn around and go back down the mountain, and wouldn't you have it, another hail storm. I feel by this time we really should have known better.

Best Brewery 


Mahogany Ridge | Giving up on being adventurous, we shower and hit a local brewery, Mahogany Ridge, for drinks and appetizers. 45 minute to an hour wait… “or you could find a seat at the bar”, and that’s what we did. Crammed between strangers we ordered a local beer from their brewery and, my favorite, pretzels with cheese. I’m not a beer girl, but this High Country Honey Blonde beer…absolutely delicious.   

After a long week, I think my husband and I were ready to just get home. We had a 3-hour drive and a 4-hour flight ahead of us. We woke up early, ate our last breakfast in Steamboat, and headed to downtown Denver for the day. There was a lot going on given it was 4th of July weekend. We plopped our tired asses at a little high top in a two story bar so we could people watch from above. Once we’d had our fill we headed to the airport…six hours early… We found a delicious Mexican restaurant to kill the time and a decent place to lay our heads until we boarded our midnight flight. We got settled in our seats and were ready to sleep when we hear this awful screaming coming from the powerful lungs of a one-year-old. We were hoping it would pass, but it never did. In the meantime, the seats in front of us managed to smell up the plane and spill some sort of mysterious liquid all over my computer bag. My laptop, camera, mouse, books, everything, was sopping wet and sticky. We finally arrived home and in our big comfy bed at 7:00 a.m.

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