6 Simple Ways to Be Independent In Your Relationship

When I was a teenager, up until I was about 21, I was in an abusive, codependent relationship. He was my first serious boyfriend, so I guess I didn’t know any better; I thought that’s just how guys behaved. He slowly chipped away at my self-esteem and everything I did for him and for us was taken for granted. He was extremely controlling and gave me absolutely no respect. I felt like I had to hide things that made me happy, lose weight before I would visit him, and just sit there and accept when he would get drunk and yell at me, call me nasty names, or brag about cheating.


After that relationship ended I was devastated, but I was also extremely relieved. I had alienated a lot of my friends and I was away at college, my family was two hours away. So I didn’t have a very strong support system to get me back on my feet. I figured the only way I was going to get through this was by myself.


As I spent a lot of alone time doing things that made me happy, without having to justify or defend it to anyone, that was the time I 


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6 Simple Ways to Be Independent in Your Relationship

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