The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen

"I could not get enough of this book! Every free moment I had,

my eyes spent glued to the pages of The Perfect Neighbors"


Susan - Mother of 1, still pining over the loss of ex-husband Randall. Who just happened to fall in love with her new neighbor and so-called friend, Daphne. 


Business owner, Susan was left after so years of marriage, by her husband Randall when they came to a stalemate on having a second child. One night, Randall was out with friends when he met the oh so charming Daphne, who seemed to charm the pants off of Susan just weeks before when she moved into the neighborhood. Susan spends her nights sitting in her car in front of Daphne's house where Randall now lives, just watching the home. When one day, she is confronted with the fact the Daphne is now pregnant and her and Randall plan to get married. As gut wrenching as this is for Susan, time goes on and she sees the impact her loneliness is having on her son when he starts telling people Susan is dating his soccer coach. This is



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