When I was a teenager, up until I was about 21, I was in an abusive, codependent relationship. He was my first serious boyfriend, so I guess I didn’t know any better; I thought that’s just how guys behaved. He slowly chipped away at my self-esteem and everything I did for him and for us was taken for granted. He was extremely controlling and gave me absolutely no respect. I felt like I had to hide things that made me happy, lose weight before I would visit him, and just sit there and accept when he would get drunk and yell at me, call me nasty names, or brag about cheating.

After that relationship ended I was devastated, but I was also extremely relieved. I had alienated a lot of my friends and I was away at college, my family was two hours away. So I didn’t have a very strong support...

In the past year, I have gotten engaged, become a home owner, dealt with a death of a childhood pet, gotten married, managed the contractor with our home remodels, temporarily moved out of my home due to black mold, fought with the insurance company who wrongfully terminated our insurance and didn’t tell us about it until we tried to put in a claim, and struggled with the contractor who abandoned the job after he was paid in full. I have absolutely had the most stressful year of my life, I think the only thing that could possibly make it more stressful is finding out that I’m pregnant. These are the things I've done during my peak stress times to keep my composure.

"I could not get enough of this book! Every free moment I had,

my eyes spent glued to the pages of The Perfect Neighbors"

Susan - Mother of 1, still pining over the loss of ex-husband Randall. Who just happened to fall in love with her new neighbor and so-called friend, Daphne. 

Business owner, Susan was left after so years of marriage, by her husband Randall when they came to a stalemate on having a second child. One night, Randall was out with friends when he met the oh so charming Daphne, who seemed to charm the pants off of Susan just weeks before when she moved into the neighborhood. Susan spends her nights sitting in her car in front of Daphne's house where Randall now lives, just watching the home. When one day, she is confronted with the fact the Daphne is now pre...

Every year around Christmas time, my family and I head out to brave the snow in Copper Mountain, Colorado. View my vlog below and please comment with some of your favorite vacation spots!

Luckily this time around there were no traveling issues, no turbulence, no late or lost bags, it was all very smooth. We arrived around 10:30 am Mountain Time, and I was very insistent we go straight to DiFranco's!

Best Day Time Italian 

So our first stop? DiFranco's! It's this amazing little Italian food shop in downtown Denver. Their chicken Parmesan subs are to die for! It's a little on the pricey side, but completely worth it. They also have fresh cannolis...ugh...*kisses fingers like Italian*

Unfortunately, parking is a royal pain in the ass downtown, and we ended up with a parking ticket...oop...

Weddings these days can be so expensive! When I first got engaged and started looking at the prices for everything, my first thought was to elope or have a very small intimate wedding. But my family just would not allow that, so we banned together to pull off the most expensive looking budget wedding anyone had ever seen!

Murder, Cheating, Betrayal? Peter Swanson kills it in The Kind Worth Killing! This is a must read psychological thriller.

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